Posted by: Travis B | August 23, 2008

Why So Much Opposition to the Doctrines of Grace?

Since I have discovered the doctrines of grace, sovereignty and election, my walk with Jesus has been helped tremendously. I’ve had my share of concerns in sharing this knowledge. I have wondered why so many of my Christian friends are opposed to these truths, and even hostile is some cases. I guess it really is scary to realize we are not in control of our own salvation and that we are totally dependent on God. I think God is most glorified when we see that we have no part in our spiritual birth, i.e. born again. When I first discovered these truths, I was on fire and so excited to share that I was coming across too strongly. I think this turned a lot of people off. Since I have had time to settle down, I am much more calm when I share these truths. Also, I have realized that I do not have to prove anything by logical reasoning. The Lord gives eyes to see and ears to hear what he wants people to see. I wouldn’t know what little I have been shown if God didn’t reveal it to me. So why should I get upset when someone else can’t see it?

Posted by: Travis B | August 21, 2008

Does God Have Chosen Family to Save?

Until the past few years, I had no idea that God had an elect or chosen people to save.  As I started to study the Bible more closely, these concepts came into focus.(Ephesians 1)  By God’s grace he chooses someone to be born again spiritually that they might reach out to him and be saved.  Before this, we are spiritually dead and have absolutely no leanings toward God.  The study of election is very interesting and it explains a lot about the nature of man and God.  If you do a biblical study on election, you will see for yourself how rich the scriptures are concerning this topic.  The more I study about this subject, the more humble it makes me.  I don’t deserve to be saved, but praise be to God for his mercy and grace.  Please share your thoughts on this important topic of election.

Posted by: Travis B | August 19, 2008

Reformed Christian

In the past few years, I have discovered reformed theology and it has really been a blessing to me. It has helped me to answer the many questions that I have had during my walk with Jesus. I can’t believe I went so many years without a clear understanding of these important christian truths. I used to attend Arminian churches and had no idea that they were Arminian. Now I lean to the Calvinist view of scripture. It just makes perfect sense to me and helps reconcile concerns I have about the nature of God. Reformed theology ties all the “loose ends” of scripture together and helps to solidify my faith. I am much more comfortable handling certain questions that couldn’t be explained earlier in my walk.



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